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vCISO & Consulting

Cybersecurity is part of everything, but you may not have the resources to address everything. Purple Raven’s vCISO serviecs¬† will develop a strategy that fits your budget and resource model to address the latest cyber threats


Clients and Regulators have ever changing requirements. How you’re preparing your people, processes, and technology to comply requires a thorough understanding of the requirements. Purple Raven is prepared to help you find the path to compliance and build systems to stay compliant.

Asset Management & Detection

You cannot protect what you do not see. Having a robust asset inventory is one of the first steps to security and compliance. Purple Raven can help you to implement automated or manual inventory systems to meet your compliance and security needs.

Third-Party Risk Management

Your vendors are an extension of your company and your clients expect their data to be protected through all aspects of your services. Purple Raven can help you to:

Vulnerability Management

Security vulnerabilities are the gift that keep on giving…for hackers. They are difficult to keep up with and Purple Raven is here to help you develop programs and tooling for timely remediation at scale.

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